Boxturtle Jesture!


When the edges got rounded
I filled out as a person
Stood tall and wide
Ate an apple
Threw its core
Over a fence
Into a garden
Started familia

We fed the babies oranges cut with an electrical chord
Took notes on their behavior while we all laid in bed together with the lamp unplugged


Day One

The eyebrows are growing nicely
Soon they will be ready to wear sweaters like the dog does
So the portrait can be finished

The paint cans are empty
Awaiting the next monthly ration
We grow fatter inside


For now she stands naked
By our open lofty brush window
Overlooking the city
Under a quarter moon
In green heels
With her buttcheeks upturned,
Fingers painted fresh red
Head turned over her shoulder
Looking into the camera of my memory
High heels gold earrings and an emerald bracelet
Clean from the soap and the shower

We turn the light off when it passes late enough
Cork the wine bottle
Take the needle off the record player
To dream of horses and swords
In what we hope
Is a friendly way

The eyes are an entrance

Birth is an exit

After enough time nothing can be stopped
Independence dropped
Declarations signed and written
Eagle sashes and a suit jacket hang in the closet
A reminder we have more candy than calendars

I want us to walk by the river
I walk alone with an umbrella
Formal purple robe flowing
Rings under gloves
Drowning in my mirror image
I drink you when we return home

The kids are gone
Banana peel rots
What is to be done
With all this
All that
Used luck
So much
What are we to do with such exaggerations?

I rub her bloated kneecap that has buckled from departure
Listen to a busker’s guitar thinking about the president
We are old now but still have our fruit basket
The colors have spoiled and the flag is swirling
It won’t be long now
Until we grow into our suits
Get dressed for the occasion

Day Two started with a bluebird and a lemon

(and ended with a bullet)