Spraytan Makeover

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

~George Orwell


Listen it’s not so scary America Death
is coming, free and simple without a vote don’t
even get out of bed. The angels have you it’s
only the end the clown cars in the sky have fallen.
The trumpets have spoken, listen to the music.
Clean as despair, white as flight, have
a tiny flag for your trouble. Forget
your voice, it’s illegal to use it, but don’t keep
it in your pocket either, they can look there.

Come on America it’s only fascism how many
branches of government do you need? There’s apple pie
on the table and Jimmy Stewart having a dream
and you were there and you were there but nobody
from these seven countries. We get our vanilla beans
from Texas, our avocados from California. Chocolate
may go extinct but soon so will democracy small
price to pay to re-legalize cross burnings.
It’s tradition America, what our forefathers
would have wanted. Freedom of decay and a dog
in every Subaru. The King of Mexico can go
back to Africa and Putin can come to dinner
whenever he likes. Why are you crying?

It was a good 200-year experiment but it’s
over now. The revolution will be written behind
closed doors and transmitted to you via state-
approved channels. This is what you asked for
America, 2% lower taxes and crushing violence.

Let’s all shake hands with the National Guard
at the next counter-protest. Color-code
your neighbors and gift them to Homeland Security.
All lives matter America, especially ours.



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