I would settle

I do not remember. Where is this claim of Life is but a Gift writ? Is it writ in contract form and got my X affixed upon it? No? Then I deny its claim. Or your claim. I forget.
I’ve always liked tests. Loved tests. Sharpened pencils and sheets of paper placed on teacher’s happy desk. Envious looks upon my neck and back whilst I saunter off. Shameful behavior, I admit. But there it is, a confession of small sins. And as we know, from such yarn a giant ball of thread. Around and around and around we go. Hurrah! finally, if lucky. One giant guffaw before the unravel. Was it worth the ride? (I hope you consider this question now rather than then, at least in some small way)
“Mighty actor”? Life is but a stage. And so I welcome all upon my small slice of it. I hope you don’t carry that tone all about with you, like a malady. Is this why the barista said “House”?
I love my characters. This particular character seemed more interested in Place than $$.Odd, I know. We seemed to “connect” well, but, as you well know, how lasting is a first reconnoiter? It is but a Start, I will claim, and so, in this case, a fine one.
I would settle. Life teaches Settle. Is it not writ on that Contract you be going on about? No? Look at the fine print. It is there, I promise. Also, “settle” is a command a master gives to a dog he is training. Something about the sound of the word is calming to the animal. I have used it. I have been it. Isn’t settle a fine word?
There is a clock ticking. Maybe another time I will tell you more about it. Maybe you have zero interest in clocks, which, in some (many?) quarters, would place you well ahead of the game. But, I must confide, interested or not, clocks nonetheless tick.

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