I wish glass glue was rum


That which comes up from the deep: that which deeps.

Deep, come up! Up, come up!
Which up?

Come up, deep. Come up.
That, from the up, which ups us deep, deep, deep,
up from up from/up up from.

Tub, couch: lost                                           Did we limbs?
Dizzy swizzle sweadi                                 Knock, knock! Who’s here?
Now-ing & dealsome humidor               Me nervous.
Slasslnutnot few, few, pew.                    Slipsilk Mammont’ought
|Fin, eye, wardemdancer,                        Hollow, haste,
Likee leded ears &                                      Sob, sob, a-soak-ay que-caw!

Toast, raise them                                       Ask d’woman
Muses, thaw wumworm,                         Hem need to n’airs,
Knowing & feeling are many doors,           Please wait;
A meaty snail, Pammy! Or,                     Is roses rogue, tra la la la!
Ni’while sayd                                               Hello, space,
Dead ant e dote.                                          Wash, wash a dish.

Butt couché lot                                          Gig well, Sis, Mars!
Hazey hazey head                                     Now, now, Bluebeard!
Zwaard! Slew y’em                                   Meaner mast
Talls, tussel falls new, new toe            Lip(l)(y)es(s)(N)’ talka mome
When I… raceward…                              Raceward–
Keel’d ankle, ded sea                              Se passo, se passo, que caw!

Sips, taste ‘em,                                         Ascend wo nom
Grase is what we mow,                          Here, here—two ears
Lancel & Gremec,                                     Apple & d’Water
Me try nails. Pan, my dear                    Si, Guerra tu la la la la!
When I erase a word                                  Olymprima!
Landed on d’mote,                                  Wish, wish, I wish

Touch bush too well.                              Glass glue was rum.
Horsey horsey hay!                                 Canta hackhat be?
Z’wagons whailes eye must                 Move near to me—
Fatal fellatals weenstrewn                   Spliff, you take’m home—
Leafwaffles wanderdandy                     Lamp sun,
Neked d’knee did she.                           Papa say papa say saw

Space thins ‘em,                                     A scent Tahoma
Hair is how to grow                                   Laid nightcellar dada,
Glanced gull, g’morning ears!           Topple & tower.
Wet, my planet is—& my heart         Cigarette, you’re always alone,
Sum sol’m days—                                  Mollen pim
O, dandelion mead!                               Weep, she weep, ey weepshee

Mouth shuts bowel,                               As igloo is warm.
Ribs dew lid                                              Come Toucan, what beast
Swaggins sails, moist-eyed                Tombs near to me—
Flat elephants flame w/lust,               Castlemourn tum-tum tum-tum—
Finally down, down nod adda             Lambstone up as
Neck et need she did.                            Up as up as up was…

Earth spans ‘em                                     As into a home:
Zippity will-d’weeds,                          Cannes-Cannes! Two beers!
Gnaws & guilds a moss-maid           To lean to bean to
Lass, Hazel, weep weep, flail             Kiss till mon amnot mon hot.
Knifey, dardraw anadananda            Alan, tastes
Knot tie in d’shade.                              Sut. Sut cask(t) oak. Oak.

Heart opens mouth                                   & d’moon—
Roam an tough to turret                     D’halls mit damsels dey—
Clang & calling German jeer,            To pant a plant a panted flower,
What the planet is to my heart:              Razor raised agland,
Un wholed’Smee                                   Lemon(s)pie
Thinly in thy deem.                              Deep is deep as deep is.

Dideye damn?                                        Did ewe lamb?
Moses, thou were’t more                   Hedameda ats nat nay
Clang & fall angermaneither             To lamp about
Allmighty soil, a penny pour la        Easy, Caesar! Galalant
Whale seas whear                                           Yellow ape-
Nothing is not made.                                Ashes, ashes, ashes.


All the things & what they IS

I never really believe for very long that I know anything at all about any of it. So, when it becomes real (REAL as like when it becomes illusion with a real feeling about it) it is based on this lack , this not knowing, which can be a frightening & desperate & clutching onto ropes place–ropes I hold in the empty-knowing-real as tethered out of nothing, onto nothing. & into my nothing-net I go,

Such like thus I often go afalling.


Thy clock isnay mi god.

Have thee dream but first lie down
but first lie down & halve thee dream
Half the dream but first lie down
but first lie down but first lie down

Un move non still & hav thee dreem
& hef thee dreme Un move nun still
bu’ firs’ thee heed lie mov un stil
thi move unsit unstill nun moov

& haff thee dreme & haff thee dreem
bu’ firs’ & first bu’ firs’ & first
lie don thy heed lie don thee hid
& hav thi dream Un moov thi head

& mor Un moov Un still thi head
Thy click isnay my goad I sed
Thy clack am numbly got thy head
Thy cloak Un gloamly roam bu’ had

& have & halve lie stil Un stil
& hav thee lie Un still Un stil
bu’ first but firs’ Un moov Un moov
Un move Un move thy hed thy hed

Thy click isnun mi gud eye sed,
Thy click isnun mi gud.